Paul Tarlow

Paul is originally from West Orange, New Jersey, but know resides in Lebanon Township, Hunterton County, New Jersey. In the early 1960's Paul played sax in the school band but in 1963 he switched to bass guitar. Paul has been playing for 42 years and he still loves it. Other than Jersey Sound, Paul was in a number of other groups including: "The Morloks," "Timothy Wilson and the Double-O-Souls," "Testament," "Crisis," and "The Cameos." 

In "Double-O-Soul" he backed up Etta James, Dee Dee Warwick, Parliaments, Manhattans, and Del Capris.

In "Testament" he played shows and backed up The Duprees and Tony Williams and the Platters.

In "The  Cameos" he played shows with Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge, Arlene Smith of The Chantels, and Larry Chance and The Earls.

Paul is another original

 member of Jersey Sound